Model#  HTPC 100 Series LCD Module


LCD Power Cord

Fan Speed Control Cords

Temperature Sensor Heads

LCD Diagram

LCD Functions & Connection

  • LCD Power Cord: 1

    • Connect it to a regular 4 pins HDD connector from your Power Supply to light up the LCD

  • CPU Fan Connectors: 2

    • Connect the CPU fan to the 3 or 4 pins connector so that fan speed can be controlled by LCD manually by using the front fan speed control knob. 

    • Connect the extension 4 pins header to motherboard CPU fan (3 or 4 pins) header if motherboard has auto fan speed control capability. Motherboard will take fan speed priority in such method, LCD knob will lose the control function.

  • Temperature Sensor: 2 (CPU & Case)

    • Use the orange sensor tape to tape the header to the CPU heatsink so that CPU temp. can be displayed in the LCD module accurately

    • Place the case header to any place that you want to monitor the case temperature

  • Press "Reset" button to reset the LCD whenever that you want

  • Press "Up C/F" button once to change the temperature degree between "C" and "F"

  • Press "Set" button once to set CPU alarm degree, then, use the "Up C/F" button to adjust the degree when the CPU temp. degree "flashing".

  • Press "Set" button twice to set Case alarm degree, then, use the "Up C/F" button to adjust the degree when the Case temp. degree "flashing"

Alarm Features

  • When CPU or Case temperature hits or exceeds your alarm set degree, the CPU or Case temperature reading will be flashed until the degree drops lower the alarm set degree.

  • When the CPU fan is connected to the LCD CPU fan speed control cord, the fan speed reading will be flashed with "0000" if the CPU fan stops working for whatever reasons until the fan spins again.

The existing LCD module that comes with the case is not programmable. Customer who wants to replace it with a programmable LCD can choose the below recommended LCD made by Crystalfontz.

The screen and screw hole are 100% match. Feel free to change it at no risk.


LCD Module Replacement: CrystalFontz 632 16X2 LCD Module

Supported Program: FrontView for MCE & Third Parties


Due to the sensitive paint on the HTPC 100 front bezel, please pay detail attention and do your best to avoid scratches during the assembling. It is end user's full responsibility to protect the surface while changing the module.

For more information regarding the CrystalFontz module and the MCE support program that can program module, please visit their websites for details.

Q: How do I replace the LCD with CrystalFontZ programmable LCD?

A: Here are the instructions.

  • Remove the MCE Rack from inside, (under the Optical drive) remove the 2 screws that holding the panel

  • Disconnect all cables that are coming from the LCD module, like CPU sensor, 12V connector, CPU fan...

  • There are six taps that holding the panel, they are tiny plastic, so be very careful. Push up the two three, slide down the panel 30 degree, and remove the panel from the bottom 3 taps. Make sure you loose all cables and make sure they are long enough to allow your panel slide flat on your table with protector stuff to avoid scratch.

  • Take the LCD and all cables out, install the CrystalFontz LCD module, connect the USB cable

  • Re-install the panel. Put your system 90 degree upward, match the bottom 3 taps, and push the panel down and slide the panel in with the top 3 taps. Done!

  • If you break the taps somehow, it is still fine, your two screws can still hold the panel firm. But, that is the plan B, I hope you will be fine.

Q: How do I place the CPU & Case temperature sensors?

A: It is up to you to place the case temperature sensor anywhere you want, or any place that you concern about the heat. For the CPU temperature sensor, normally, place it between the CPU cooler and the CPU, or place it between the CPU cooler fins. Button line, any where or any way that you can stick the sensor to the cooler or CPU to measure the temperature accurately.

Q: If I am not planning to use the front CPU fan speed controller, can I just connect the CPU fan connector directly to the MB?

A: Sure. If you are not comfortable to have the LCD to control the heatsink fan spped, just connect the fan to motherboard directly.

Q: When I press the "Reset" button to try to re-start the system, nothing happen, only the LCD got reset, is it right?

A: Yes, the "reset" button is for the LCD only. You can use the "Power" button to re-start the system.

Please contact technical support hot line if you have more questions

Tel: (510) 372-0299


9am-5pm PST  | Monday to Friday

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