Model#  HTPC 300 Serie LCD Module


Power Cord

Fan Speed Control Cords

Temperature Sensor Heads

LCD Diagram

LCD Functions & Connection

  • Power Cord: 1

    • Connect it to a regular 4 pins HDD connector from your Power Supply to light up the LCD

    • The cord will serve the Power Button LED light and 60mm HDD fan beside lighting up the 300 model LCD

  • CPU Fan Connectors: 1

    • Connect the CPU fan to the 3 or 4 pins connector so that fan speed can be controlled by LCD upfront by using the fan speed control knob. (manually)

    • Connect the extension 4 pins header to motherboard CPU fan (3 or 4 pins) header if motherboard has fan speed control capability. Motherboard will take fan speed priority in such method, LCD will lose the control function.

  • CPU Temperature Sensor: 1

    • Use the orange sensor tape to tape the header to the CPU heatsink so that CPU temp. can be displayed in the LCD module accurately

  • Press "C/F" switch on the back of the module once to set the temperature degree between "C" and "F"

Alarm Features

  • When CPU temperature hits or exceeds 140F or 60C degree, the CPU temperature reading will be flashed until the degree drops lower the alarm set degree

  • When the CPU fan is connected to the LCD CPU fan speed control cord, the fan speed reading will be flashed with "0000" if the CPU fan stops working for whatever reasons until the fan spins again

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