Model#  HTPC 280/288/500 Series VFD Module

If you have purchased HTPC 280/288BA or SA case and you want to upgrade with this VFD module, please contact with your shipping address; or, visit our online resellers for purchasing.

Note: Models HTPC 280BAV | 280SAV | 280BAV4 | 280SAV4 | 500BA | 500SA have the VFD pre-built in the case. No purchase will be needed.




Display Unit

- V.F.D(Vacuum Fluorescent Display)

- HD44780 Compatible

- Character type

- 20 x 2 Size


- 149.30(W) * 42.50(H) * 80.0(D) mm

System Requirements

- Operating System: Vista/ Window MCE 2005 / Window XP,2000& 2003

- IBM compactable PC

- Free serial port

- Pentium 4 or above / 256MB RAM or above

- 120MB HDD space or above


Internal USB Port

Internal USB Cable

More Screens

VFD Connection

  • Internal USB Cable: 1

    • Connect it to the motherboard onboard USB port

    • USB Port Color Codes

      Red = +5V

      Green = Data+ (+D)

      White = Data- (-D)

      Black = Ground (GND)

  • Download Driver (Vista driver released. Version#

  • Download User Manual

VFD Installation (HTPC 280BA & SA / 288BA & SA Upgrade)

  • Take out the 4 screws that attach the front panel

  • Un-tide all cables to make enough room to remove the front panel

  • Put the panel on a flat surface with protected cotton piece

  • Remove the black blocking filter on the VFD window

  • Install the VFD module

  • Secure the panel back to the case

  • Connect the USB cable to the module and onboard USB port

  • Install Driver CD



Key Features

  • Supports "Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005" of Microsoft and it also displays various information of PC hardware and software in real-time, multimedia through the VFD windows.

  • Get more information about Media Center and pictures, please click here

  • Multimedia information Click Enlarge

    • Visualization – It displays various pieces of playing information and graphic analyzer with Winamp or Windows Media Player.

    • PC sound – It displays an graphic analyzer to accompany the sound.

  • System information

    • It supports Hyper-Threading & Dual core CPU, displays hardware and usage’s information of CPU/ RAM/ HDDClick Enlarge

    • L.I.S MCE indicator displays software information of OS/ Network/ Direct X

    • It displays various data through SpeedFan/MBM (Motherboard Monitoring).

  • Facility function

    • POP3 mail checking - If new mail has arrived, it will be indicated on the display panel

    • Message alarm - On the corresponding date, the indicator will display a reminder if the user has an appointment or obligation by displaying the message or playing sound file

  • Useful function

    • CG Builder – User can be built a unique own symbol mark or logo with the CGClick Enlarge builder

Please contact technical support hot line if you have more questions

Tel: (510) 372-0299


9am-5pm PST  | Monday to Friday

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