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Designer Notes

Reasons for the new design of HTPC 8000

First, it is classic looking, and it is first wood case in the market. Look real nice in the living room. Match your wood base audio speaker perfectly. Not only that, it supports full ATX on motherboard and PSU and full length and height video card in a 19.3(W) x "14.3"(H) x 11"(D) case.

So, how could it possible? We separate the case in two layers. The board and PSU stay on the bottom, and we put the optical drive and hard drives on the top layer. No interference between the hard drive/optical drive with the board and PCI device at all.

It is packed and limit space inside, how about heat management? Two front faked speaker like windows allow fresh cool air in, and a 140mm case fan directly sucks the hot air out to the back. It is a direct air flow design. If you are a gamer, feel free to add two 92mm fans in the front base on your needs behind the faked speaker windows. It is a wood case.

  • The first wooden case in the market

  • Support full height / length PCI devices and video graphic card

  • Excellent air flow design and quiet fans to keep the noise and heat low

  • Easy Installation. Intelligent design of architecture to simplify your installation as easy as 1-2-3. Click on the user guide for more detail.

Full functions front media input module

We want to serve all your new digital media needs upfront (without having our end users to turn around the entire case to find connection ports on the back). All our new models will offer you:

  • High Definition Audio Ports: Mic & Earphone (AC 97 compliance)

  • All-In-One USB 2.0 Card Reader: Support all high capacity and speed memory card (SDHC 2.0 compliance)

  • USB 2.0 Ports: X 2

Offer an affordable stylish AV looking case

Again, we achieve the best balances on size, functions, cost and simple design. It looks like a AV device, definitely not a PC, not even close.



  • What is the LED color around the big power button?

Blue, that match the optional blue text LCD Media Center Display

  • What is the maximum clearance on the CPU heatsink and Video Card Length?

    • CPU Heatsink height is <6.2"

    • Video Card Length is < 11.5"

  • Is the big button on the HTPC 8000 a volume control?

No. It is the main power button. It is just a cosmetic design to make the case look like an A/V box.

Installation Guide


Supported Form Factor: Micro-ATX & ATX

To fully utilize the front connection ports, your board should provide the below onboard ports for connection:

  • USB Port x2 And All-in-one Card Reader (2 x 10 pin ports)

  • HD (High Definition) Audio Port: 1

  • Also support AC 97 Audio Port: 1

Power Supply

Supported Form Factor: Full ATX

LCD Module

Support the new generation programmable 20 x 2 LCD module

DOES NOT come in the case, need to be purchased separately as an option.  Easy installation from inside the case. No need to take off the front panel

All documentations in this area are PDF format. Please click the icon to download Adobe Acrobat Reader if you don't have the software.
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