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Designer Notes

Reasons for the new design of HTPC 1800B

  • A Blu-Ray Player size HTPC Chassis fit all home entertainment cabinet

  • Affordable complete system by using mini iTX board on low power consuming and a fanless HTPC

  • Support full standard components such as mini iTX board; PSU; 5.25" Bay blu-ray optical drive and two 2.5" SSD or notebook HDD

Offer an affordable stylish AV looking case

Again, we achieve the best balances on size, functions, cost and simple design. It looks like a AV device, definitely not a PC, not even close. The "WoW' factor.



  • Will it really support the standard size 5.25" Optical drive?

    Yes, it is. You can build the most affordable iTX HTPC by using this model; it support all 5.25" Bay standard optical drive.

  • What is static LCD display "Home Theater PC"?


    It is a non-programmable LCD display that used as a power indicator. When you turn on the system, it lights up and displays "HOME THEATER PC" like below picture

    However, this is the only model that cannot be upgraded by the PRO-LCD due to space limitation.


  • What is the tiny little window on the center of the face panel?

It is a static LCD display to give the chassis an AV looking. It also has a spot for end user to add their DIY IR receiver behind the panel (2 screw holes) if you are planning to incorporate your own IR receiver there so that you can control your system with an IR remote.

Installation Guide


Supported Form Factor: Mini iTX Motherboard & PSU

To fully utilize the front connection ports, your board should provide the below onboard ports for connection:

  • USB 2.0 Port x2

  • HD (High Definition) Audio Port: 1

  • Also support AC 97 Audio Port: 1

Power Supply

Supported Form Factor: Full Mini iTX PSU and or the nMediaPC 1080iP PSU

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