nMediapc HTPC 1800B is a Blu-Ray Player size HTPC chassis. It looks no different than a regular Blu-Ray player but it can be built with a powerful Home Theater PC system to meet your entire family home entertainment needs.

HTPC 1800B was designed to be fit in most of the home entertainment cabinet and provide the "Wow" factor. Besides the compact size, it can still accommodate an impressive list of standard PC components; i.e. Mini iTX board; Mini iTX PSU; standard 5.25" Bay Blu-ray optical drive and two 2.5" SSD or note book hard drive.

Why you need a Roku or Boxee if you can build one yourself? Plus it is the HTPC that comes with true Blu-Ray playback; with the Wifi card, and connected with a big screen TV, the sky is the limit.

Order now, and build one today!

  • Support Mini-ITX motherboard

  • Support Mini iTX power supply or the 1080iP DC-ATX PSU

  • Support 2 X 2.5" SSD or Notebook drive

  • Front Input Ports: USB 2.0 X 2 and HD Audios

  • Stylish and compact Blu-Ray AV looking Chassis

  • Innovated architecture design makes your installation easy


HTPC 1800B




Case: 17"(W) x 2.36'(H w/ feet) x 9.06"(D w/ panel)

430mm(W) x 60mm"(H) x 230mm (D)


Steel (1.0mm SECC)


Support Mini-ITX

Power Supply

Support Mini iTX PSU or 1080iP DC-ATX PSU (not included)

Drive Bays

External 5.25" Bay x 1

Internal 2.5" SSD or Notebook hard drive x 2


Support 80mm (8015) Case Fan x 1 (not included)

Front Connection

High Definition Audio x 2 (AC 97 compliance)

USB 2.0 x 2

Front LCD Display

Come with static LCD display "Home Theater PC", used as Power Indicator

Cannot be upgraded by the PRO-LCD because space limitation

There is an IR window reserved on the panel. You may need to DIY to fit your IR receiver board on the back panel. there is NO IR receiver that comes with the case. It is reserved for DIY only.

Installation Guide

Major Reviews

Coming Soon

15 minutes installation by following the exact sequence below:

  • Install 2.5" Hard Drive(s) by using noise reduction screws & grommets on the case bottom

  • Install mini iTX PSU or nMediaPC 1080iP DC-ATX PSU (using the bronze standoff screws)

  • Connect hard drive SATA and power cables

  • Install 5.25" Bay Optical Drive

  • Install Mini-iTX board with HDMI output

  • Install Memory

  • Connect & Manage Cables

Mini - iTX PSU form factor (face dimension): 3.2"(w) +- X 1.5" (h)+-

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