We are proud to deliver one of the most innovative fanless Mini-ITX HTPC case. The smallest HTPC case in the market. It is an ideal solution for user who wants the lowest power consumption Atom CPU; smooth 1080p HD playback and ION graphic; and we integrated the iPod/iPhone docking station with this new HTPC 1080i case to amaze your friends and families with a lot of "WOW" topic in your entertainment room.

HTPC 1080i is superior in functionality, outfit; as well as affordability.

  • Support Mini-ITX motherboard in Atom platform (built in graphic and sound)

  • Support DC-ATX modulated PSU ONLY

  • 1 X 2.5" internal laptop HDD bay for media data

  • 1 X Slim Optical drive

  • 1 X iPod/iPhone Docking with audio output

  • Innovated chassis architecture design makes your installation easy

  • Quiet as always.

We did it again to achieve the best balances on size, functions, cost and simple design.



HTPC 1080i


White and Blue


Case: 10.6"(W) x 10.6" (D) x 3.8" (H) w/ feet

Chassis: 10.6" (W) x 10.6"(D) x 3.3" (H)


Plastic and Acrylic


Mini-ATX in Atom recommended.

Power Supply

DC-ATX modulated ONLY

Drive Bays

External 5.25” Slim Drive x 1

Internal 2.5” Laptop HDD x 1




Optional case fan can be added depending on CPU Heatsink and Graphic Chipset Heatsink size and shape. Fan size ranges from 2510 ~ 9015. 25mm X 10mm (thickness) ~ 90mm x 15mm (thickness)

Installation Guide

Installation Tips

  • If you are not using built in onboard PSU and use 1080IP, make sure you install the Power In cable that connect the external power adaptor and power module before you install motherboard. Otherwise, you have to totally re-install the motherboard to install that cable

  • Always click above user guide for step by step instruction

  • To connect the 24 pin ATX cable to the Power Module, always connect the side with the 12V (4 pins) connector to the Power Module. Otherwise your HDD Power cable to connect the hard drive will be short in length ad become un-reachable

Major Reviews

Coming Soon!

Affordable, silent and stylish HTPC case that looks right in any entertainment PC environment

Ideal for low power consumption HTPC

Built in docking station to charge your iPod/iPhone; perform data transfer and audio output

Easy installation with integrated 85W DC/DC power module (sold separately)

Optional add on case fan range from 2510 ~ 9015 on cooling performance

DC-ATX Modulated PSU sample:

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