We appreciate customer's feedback to help us to launch the new generation of HTPC 1000 Series. Combining silence, style, easy media access convenience, and affordability. The new HTPC 1000 series is a state-of-art media center HTPC case. When we design the case, we think what our end user is thinking. The right size for an AV looking case, build to place in home theater environment, user friendly, expandable data storage space and run quiet and cool.

If that wasn't enough, the HTPC 1000 includes all the options for a 20x2 LCD Media Center display, and our award winning HTPCKB wireless Keyboard and Remote set for a complete HTPC solution. HTPC 1000 is superior in functionality, as well as in design.

  • Support ATX power supply & Micro-ATX; DTX and Mini-ITX motherboard

  • 4 X 3.5" internal bays for media data

  • Easy upfront access digital connection interfaces (behind door)

    HD Audio; SDHC 2.0 Card Reader; USB 2.0 x2

  • Support full height and length PCI cards up to 10 inches

    (Limitations exist for PCI E power connection and Heatpipe, check card specification before purchasing)

  • Stylish aluminum panel

  • Compact size and feel

  • Optional upgrade on 20x2 programmable MCE LCD module

  • Innovated chassis architecture design makes your installation easy

  • Quiet as always. Not convince by the small case fan, check our 100 model performance report

  • The best HTPC case that integrates the balances on size, functions, cost and simple design


HTPC 1000B & HTPC 1000S


Black and Silver


Case: 17"(W) x 5.4"(H w/ feet) x 16.3"(D w/ panel)

Metal Chassis: 17"(W) x 5.1"(H) x 15.4" (D)


Aluminum Panel & Steel


Support Micro-ATX; DTX and Mini-ITX

Power Supply

Support ATX PSU (not included)

Drive Bays

External 5.25” Bay x 1

Internal 3.5” Bay x 4


4 Slots / Full Size


60mm Silent Case Fan x 2

90mm Case Fan x 1

Front Connection

High Definition Audio x 2 (AC 97 compliance)

All in one Card Reader (SDHC 2.0 compliance - high capacity & speed)

USB 2.0 x 2

LCD Display

(Optional, not included)

Blue Text 20X2 Programmable LCD display module with Internal USB connector, support Windows, Media Center Edition 2005, Vista and Vista Media Center Edition operating system.

Installation Guide

Major Reviews


AMD Maui Platform on HTPC 1000B



Video Review HTPC 1000B

AMD Maui Platform on HTPC 1000B

AMD Maui Platform on HTPC 1000B


Affordable, silent and stylish aluminum case that looks right in the stereo rack

Hold 4 hard drives in a compact chassis and support all standard devices

Easy access front ports for instant sharing and burning of your digital media

Easy installation, better air flow and it is only 16.3" deep

Optional add on 20X2 programmable LCD display

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