2.4GHz RF Wireless Keyboard with Track Ball & Scroll Wheel

Launch digital media, surf the Web, watch movies, and send instant messages from up to 40 feet away with this 3-in-one wireless keyboard, mouse, and remote.

 Model# MCEKB  
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Do not ignore the importance of the RF Wireless Keyboard in any HTPC or Media Center PC system building. It is actually critical to your build. It brings great conveniences when you are sitting 10 feet away in a comfort couch. The 2.4GHz RF signal will enable your keyboard to control your system in any angels without difficulties. Try to believe it, order today!    





* 2.4GHz ISM band radio frequency

* 360-degree navigation with Scroll Wheel

* Sleek, elegant and all-in-one design

* Multimedia Hotkeys & Microsoft Vista Media Center Hotkeys

  My TV | My Video | My Pictures | My Music | Live TV

* Notebook keyboard module & enables handheld operation and

  effortless typing

* 16 channels with 4096 IDs avoid interference

* 10 meters effective operating range (up to 50 feet)

* Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista compatible

* MAC OS X (10.2 compatible and later edition)

* Driverless for easy activation

* Battery Low Indicator

* CE & FCC approvals




2.4GHz RF Wireless

Mouse included

Track Ball & Scroll Wheel


40 feet / 10 meters

Design Style



Silver and Black


16.7” (L) x 5.9” (W) x 1.2” (H)*

425mm x 150mm x 31.5mm

Package Content

* Keyboard with trackball
* USB Receiver
* 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries
* Driver & User's manual

User Guide




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Designed to work with Microsoft Media Center PC & Home Theater PC

Easily control your computer and home entertainment center—including music, movies, and

photos—from the comfort of your couch.

Launch Media Center PC functions with the press of a single button.

Easy activation

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